EASY Care and So cute... just needs lots of light and a pretty pot to sit wherever brings you joy!

Heart Hoya

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These cuties look perfect in any of our small planters!

SUN: These hearts need bright indirect light, No Direct Sun. 

WATER: keep dry only sprinkle on the soil make sure soil doesn't stay moist could be quickly dry*****Hoya plants need to be watered about once every week and *never saturated*. In the fall and winter, Hoyas can typically be watered less, about once every 2 weeks. ***In general, it is better to under water your Hoya than over water it. 

These cuttings are rooted, whether or not they will vine is undetermined and it takes several months for it to occur if at all. 

This hoya is in a 2.25" grow pot. Height with pot about 3.25"-3.5".